Grave thoughts

My evening dog walks are often taken through / around the cemetery these days. It’s a peaceful walk, surrounded by the dead, surrounded by the silently majestic trees, with my dogs padding quietly beside me. More peaceful on a damp, grey evening like this one.

As I wandered I wondered if the noise in my head would continue after I’m dead… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in the afterlife, in heaven, in reincarnation. But I wondered if electric echoes of the constant noise inside my head would continue when I don’t have a head to contain it? It’s an odd thought, to consider my erratic, ever questioning thoughts would continue after I’m gone.

The noise is at a level that I find comfortable… no longer at fever pitch but never silent. I don’t recall a time it was ever silent. My surroundings are finally quiet, which is bound to help with the noise in my head. I’m happy, as happy as I’ve ever allowed myself to be.

So these really are just wonderings as I wander, just grave thoughts.


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